GHMT Certification

GHMT Certification

We are thrilled to announce that we got the prestigious GHMT certification for several of our products. GHMT is a German independent testinag laboratory, focused on fiber and copper connectivity solutions.

Our products were tested by the GHMT lab in order to verify based on measurements whether or not they comply with the pertinent standards.

We sent out a relevant list of products, so that all the more important connectors would be in it:

  • Pigtail SC/PC, OS2, 0.9 mm, L=xxx M,
  • Patch Cord duplex LC/PC-LC/PC, OM4, 1.8 mm, L=xxx M
  • Patch Cord simplex E2000/APC-E2000/APC, OS2, 2.0 mm, L=xxx M
  • Patch Cord simplex E2000/APC-SC/APC, OS2, 2.0 mm, L=xxx M
  • Patch Cord simplex LC/PC-LC/PC, OS2, 2.0 mm, L=xxx M

Datacor este Silver Partner al Vertiv în Romania, pe soluții de Climatizare, UPS și cabinete de rețea.

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