Copper Communications Solutions

We are an official distributor for Corning’s structured copper cabling since 2002. We also distribute specialized products for Datwyler, Telegartner and Leoni Kerpen.

A modern and stable communications infrastructure is essential for running a successful business.

Structured copper cabling remains the preferred solution for enterprise-wide data communications, due to guaranteed bandwidth and enhanced data security.

Full range solutions

Cu o abordare pe termen lung în proiectele în care ne implicăm, oferim clienților noștri produse și servicii de încredere, la cele mai înalte standarde de calitate.
Shielded cables Cat.5 to Cat.8
Unshielded cables Cat.5 to Cat.6
Modular connectivity
Accessories - sockets and patch panel
Industrial solutions

Additional services

Additional services we offer include:
25-year extended warranty
Training programs for installers
Products transportation is included
Consulting services for choosing the optimal solutions
Network testing / certification
Cristian Bilegan

Cristian Bilegan