We believe that, through everything we do, we can have a positive impact in the community.

The directions towards which our social responsibility actions are oriented are: nature, health and sport. It’s important for us to protect the environment, and we want this core principle to be reflected as much as possible in the way we conduct our business.

We do our best to protect our nature and contribute to an environmentally sustainable future.
We put the health of our employees and collaborators first and engage in multiple health conscious activities.
We support young athletes on their way to performance and encourage sporting activities for everyone.

Environmental protection is becoming a global priority, one which we fully understand and support.

We want the company’s development to be as sustainable as possible, so in the company’s strategy we have a 5-year plan to reduce carbon emissions generated by our activity. We will continue to invest in the renewable energy production capacity, fleet renewal and afforestation projects with local NGOs. The goal is to have zero carbon emissions within 5 years.

One of the company’s objectives for 2021 is the implementation of the Environmental Management System – ISO 14001. At the new headquarters located in Bistrița Sud Industrial Park, we have installed a system of photovoltaic panels, designed to increase the energy efficiency of the space and help reduce the carbon footprint.

Datacor Running Team

We care a lot about all the causes we support and the best example is the Datacor Running Team Association, one of our dearest projects. The running team has brought us a lot of pride and happiness over the years and it has been exciting to see the members realize their dreams of ranking very well, or even winning important running competitions in the country or abroad.

Via Maria Theresia

Another project dear to us is Via-Maria-Theresia, the mountain marathon with historical significance, organized in the Călimani Mountains by the Tășuleasa Social Association. Every year we get involved as sponsors, runners and, especially, as volunteers. Every year, we “host” the highest supply point (at 2000m altitude). It is the most satisfying team building for the Datacor team and we are happy to offer our services “at the highest level” to those who run this wonderful mountain marathon.