Pandemic restrictions have accelerated demand for digital solutions

Pandemic restrictions have accelerated demand for digital solutions

What are the new technologies?

The current restrictions caused by Covid-19 have accelerated the demand for digital solutions that help employees work safely once they return to the office or workplace. New technologies and advanced access control systems help companies ensure the protection and health of employees returning to work, informs the Datacor company.

“As companies gradually abandon work from home and employees return to the workplace, companies are trying to adopt the most suitable solutions to protect the safety and health of employees in the office or in the workplace. Thus, the current restrictions in the context of Covid-19 have accelerated the demand for digital solutions that help employees continue to work safely once they return to the office, and also protect the security of companies during this special period,” said Alexandru Dorobanțu, technical director in within the Datacor company.

Among the solutions and technologies for monitoring the safety of employees are: thermal cameras that measure the temperature at the entrance to the building, stricter access control systems, or even applications that trigger a warning signal when social distancing between colleagues is not respected.

Thus, access control systems are necessary for companies or organizations that aim to automatically manage the entry and exit of people from certain areas, both in order to ensure the security of the company and to protect the safety and health of employees.

“While access cards regularly used by staff in companies are already common practice, the option to add more conditions to control access to different areas of the company based on certain conditions can help employers limit interactions between employees, ensuring the preservation of safe working norms,” explained Alexandru Dorobanțu.

Datacor systems

Datacor systems have functions of real-time memorization of access to control points, monitoring of doors (signaling if they have remained open) or connection with the other security subsystems (anti-burglary, anti-fire).

Datacor’s security solutions, both in the context of the pandemic and post-Covid-19, come with benefits designed to make the work of employees more efficient, more productive and safer from a health point of view.

“For example, Honeywell Pro-Watch is a software solution that integrates all the security requirements of a company, from access control to video surveillance. It is a solution that can be used to dynamically configure the access control system. A scenario that can be very useful in the current context is granting the right of access to employees only in certain areas only if they present a certain document, such as the test for Covid-19”, explained Dorobanțu.

This shift to a fully integrated, technology-enabled and connected network enables advanced data analysis. For example, with the help of technology and sensors, employees can know where the safest space is for them to work, or when to avoid crowded areas, where there are more colleagues in the office, or even allocate workspaces or car parking spaces based on your itinerary and preferences.

Advantages of the systems

The advantages of implementing such a system are:

  • maintaining safe work norms, limiting the access of employees who did not comply with safety procedures;
  • keeping a history of employee access to certain areas, in case of further analysis;
  • simplifying everyday life by eliminating checks with the help of a human factor;
  • limiting access to areas where valuable goods are located.

Even before the pandemic, Romanian companies were open to gradually adopting a variety of applications to support employees and office operations, but now, these solutions can be critical to the continuation of work at the workplace.

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