Datacor 20 years

Datacor 20 years

Datacor’s 20th anniversary
This year Datacor turns 20 years old. In human years it may not be much, but in company years it seems quite a lot to us, especially if you “lived” in Romania.
Yesterday we marked this anniversary with a wonderful event attended by the entire Datacor team, which now exceeds 100 people.
We have calculated that the average number of employees over the years in Datacor is approximately 35. Multiplied by 20 years, it results in no less than 700 years of work.
That is the strength of the team, and we believe that this is our greatest achievement: the fact that we have gathered such a valuable team around us. Of course this team needed vision and leadership, and for that we have to thank Bogdan Bilegan, CEO of Datacor.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us over time and helped us get here!

Happy Birthday Datacor!

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