It is very important for a company to be protected against unforeseen events such as fire or burglary, since such events can disrupt partially or totally the activity of the company. Therefore it is critical to install a security system that will ensure the proper functioning of your business.

We are IGSU authorized for the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems and surveillance authorized IGPR for anti-burglary systems, video surveillance, access control systems.

CCTV System

CCTV Systems are a highly effective in theft prevention, traffic monitoring or tracking processes. We implement such systems for a wide range of applications: from industrial, financial, to the retail domains.

As with all solutions we implement, and if we study carefully the specific areas to be supervised, then we propose the right solution. In selecting the equipment we take into account the spatial configuration, customer needs and, not least, the budget.

CCTV systems include at least one DVR (Digital Video Recorder) device that will store images captured by video cameras installed. Cameras can be of several types: indoor or outdoor, fixed or mobile, IP or analogue. Other elements that are part of the CCTV system: power supplies, monitors, UPS, specialized software.

The systems that we implement is suitable for a multitude of applications:

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Urban Monitoring
  • Public institutions, financial
  • Retail
  • Industrial sector
  • Military

CCTV systems can be integrated with other security systems and building management systems Building for greater functionality.

Security systems

The purpose is protection systems burglary objective pursued against penetration by unauthorized persons.

In the middle sits the system architecture burglary alarm system. Sensors are those who will announce the plant in case of a burglary. Sensors that we will propose - depending on the specific target are several types: infrared, vibration, sound. The alarm system can also be used to signal the flooding, in which case they detect humidity sensors. We can implement and perimeter protection systems to detect the presence of intruders even before entering a building.

In case of a burglary, the alarm status will be signaled acoustically and optically the sirens and keypads installed. At the same time the alarm status will be transmitted to the ssigned telephone numbers.

Access control systems

An access control system is necessary for companies or organizations pursuing management automatic entry and exit of people in certain areas for security purposes. Benefits of implementing such a system are:

  • ensuring the safety objective, limiting access by unauthorized persons
  • reducing losses by limiting access to areas where the valuable goods
  • keeping a history of events
  • simplifying everyday life by removing locks

The systems have functions that you install memory in real time accessing critical control points for monitoring doors (signaling if left open) or connection with other security subsystems (burglary, fire).

Sisteme antiincendiu

Implementarea unui sistem de detectie si alarmare a incendiilor este obligatoriu in primul rand pentru siguranta cladirilor si a oamenilor care lucreaza in ele, fie ele cladiri vechi sau noi. In cazul unui incendiu este extrem de important ca acesta sa fie bine semnalizat imediat pentru a minimiza pierderile.

Solutiile pe care le implementam vor fi adaptate fiecarui proiect in parte. Astfel, daca zona care urmeaza a fi protejata nu este mare, se poate folosi un sistem conventional. Daca totusi este vorba de un perimetru mare, vom recomanda folosirea unui sistem de detectie si avertizare adresabil, care va permite identificarea cu precizie a zonei in care s-a detectat incendiul.

In functie de specificul obiectivelor vizate, detectorii pot fi de mai multe tipuri: detectori de fum tip optic (mai sensibili la particule mari aflate in fum), detectori de fum cu camera de ionizare (sensibili la fumul care contine particule mici), detectoare de flacara sau caldura, care se vor folosi in cazul in care exista lichide inflamabile depozitate in aria protejata. Solutia de avertizare poate include sirene, display LCD, alarmare vocala, etc.

Sistemul de detectie si avertizare incendiu se poate integra cu un sistem de stingere incendiu pentru o protectie mai mare.

Punem un accent deosebit pe calitatea produselor folosite si de aceea am ales producatori renumiti din domeniu: Honeywell (ESSSER), Schrack Seconet, Bosch, UTC, Siemens.

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