Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a technology that enables the display of text, audio or video content to LED displays or projectors. Digital Signage solutions aim is to provide relevant information to users in a more visible and pleasant way. Digital Signage can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Public Information: news, information about sights, wayfinding, traffic information, etc.
  • Public transport: display information based on the GPS coordinates of the devices (eg. In a bus station: time remaining until the arrival of the next bus)
  • Corporate TV: messages / news / internal reports can be submitted to all the TVs in a company
  • Restaurants: digital menus for improved user experience
  • Hotels: can display information about the facilities, events, attractions, etc.
  • Queue management: solution for managing customer time spent waiting in line and calculating the number of people circulating in companies, service centers, banks, public institutions, hospitals and medical clinics.
  • Retail: commercials, information about products / services

In 2015 we became partners Navori, a Swiss software company with 19 years of experience dedicated to the development of digital signage applications. Navori offer two software editions:
  • QL Professional Software
    • For complex applications, with a multitude of functions
    • Adaptable to the specific needs of each project
    • Easy to use
    • Runs on Windows and Android
  • QL Express Software
    • Web-based, easy to use
    • The most intuitive Content Management System on the market
We are partners Samsung Digital Signage product range and we have implemented these products in our projects, the most representative being the queue management system installed at the Policlinica Bistrita. Samsung has a complete solution for Digital Signage:
  • Displays for Digital Signage specially designed smart, 24/7 operation
  • Media players
  • Content management software: Magic info
  • Accessories

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Digital Signage

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