Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: RKUS) is a global supplier of carrier-class, Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies. Ruckus competes in the global market for mobile Internet infrastructure and enterprise wireless LAN systems. The company is credited with developing the industry's first adaptive Wi-Fi technology for carriers.

Formed in June 2004, Ruckus is one of the fastest growing wireless technology companies in the world, experiencing rapid revenue growth. From 2009 to 2014, Ruckus realized a compound annual growth rate of 49%. Ruckus realized worldwide revenue of $327 million in 2014, increasing approximately 24% YOY from 2013. Ruckus is number three by revenue in the Enterprise Wi-Fi market, where we are an acknowledged leader by various industry analysts, and in the Service Provider/Carrier Wi-Fi market, where we are number one in revenue and unit shipments based on Q2 2015 Dell’Oro report.

Patented technologies integrated into Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products enable unprecedented reliability, range, speed and scale of Wi-Fi services. These technologies uniquely focus and steer Wi-Fi signals by choosing the best performing paths and channels — adapting to environmental changes and mitigating interference, obstacles and obstructions that degrade Wi-Fi performance.

A highly diversified and global business operating in approximately 40 countries, Ruckus is critically acclaimed for its excellence in engineering, garnering more than 50 industry awards for industry-leading product performance and company success. The company is also credited with having the world’s largest Wi-Fi deployment in India through Tikona Digital Systems, which has installed more than 40,000 mesh nodes across 25 cities to provide last-mile wireless access to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And in Japan, KDDI, is using Ruckus to build a mobile data offload network with over 120,000 Wi-Fi locations.