We distribute and implement Cable Scout, a telecommunications networks management software.. It allows an exact inventory of all items that are part of a telecommunication network, either LAN or WAN, based on copper or optical fiber.

The user has at hand all the information in graphical form, benefiting from an interactive interface for network management. Due to the modular structure it can be configured in a way that meets the specific requirements of each client.

A big advantage of software Cable Scout is the graphical representation of the network requires no external CAD software. This independence gives advantages in functionality, ease of use, transparency and speed of operation. Any changes network is available instantly, so interventions will become more rapid.

Using cableScout® enables companies to comprehensively manage in one system all types and topologies of fibre optic and copper networks together with the transmission and connection technologies installed such as xWDM, xPON, xDSL and FTTx from one national location through to signal level. A seamless interaction between geographic, functional and logical information ensures that the company is provided with a comprehensive overview of the overall actual situation of the network at all times. This considerably increases the efficiency and momentum of the network administration and thanks to the ensuing cost savings, the investment in cableScout® pays for itself very quickly.

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