We are importing products Vetter Germany, a german company that produces tools for electrical wiring or telecommunications and cable handling equipment.

Racks and integrated solutions

We can offer a full range of racks and accesories, from two leaders in the industry: Vertiv and Conteg.

Fiber optic solutions

We offer a complete solution for fiber optic networks from world leader and pioneer of optical fiber cables , Corning Optical Communications. Since the invention of the first low-loss optical fibers more than 30 years ago, Corning continues to lead innovation in optical fibers, developing and launching new products every year. The latest innovation is Corning ClearCurve, a optical fiber 100 times more resistant to bending compared to standard fiber.

Corning Optical Communications is the world's leading producer of optical fibers, with a market share of 54%. Until now Corning sold more than 40 million kilometers of optical fiber. Each meter of fiber optic delivered by Corning is previously tested.

Corning Optical Communications Solutions:

We are also distributing fiber optic products from Dätwyler and Telegartner:


Active telecom

Passive telecom