We at Datacor believe in the benefits of sport for the community and the importance of protecting nature. That is why we have made efforts to support various environmental projects and to guide young people towards sport and nature. One of our projects is the Datacor Running Team, a team whose members are supported to participate in mountain and mountain biking competitions in the country and also abroad. Our support for athletes consists of sponsorships for registration fees and transportation costs, as well as equipment.

The idea of setting up the running team came up with seeing Cristian Pop, a young geography teacher from Bistrita, ending a great marathon race at CiucaşX3 on the 3rd place open and sharing the podium with established runners such as Viorel Pălici and Radu Milea. We thought sportsmen like him deserve support to follow their dreams.

We are glad to have remarkable and very serious athletes in our team, but first of all, special people and we are honored to be represented by them.

Alina Pop is the female presence of the team. As a librarian, Alina is also co-founder of the Humanities Association of the City of Mary. With a very rapid evolution, he debuted in 2016 in the mountain running competitions at Via Maria Theresia, occupying the third place open, at the semimarathon. Then she won, teaming up with her husband - Horatiu Pop, the duathlon mixed team at the Duatlonul Haiducilor contest. With an enthusiasm that matches her ambitions, she has successfully represented us in multiple competitions this year:

Faget Winter Racesemi, loc 5 open, loc 2 categorie
Faget Winter Tourloc 2 open
Vlădeasaloc 5 open, loc 2 categorie
Crosul Indragostitilor de alergare loc. 2 open
Aiud Maraton semi, loc 5 open, loc 3 categorie
Maratonul Nisipului semi, loc 6 open, loc 4 categorie
Semimaraton Brasov semi, loc 11 open, loc 6 categorie
Maraton International Cluj semi, loc 13 open, loc 5 categorie
Gabriel Szabo Runfest 4 km, loc 8 open
Edelweiss Night Run 18 km, loc 6 open, loc 1 categorie
Apuseni semi, loc 18 open, loc 5 categorie
Ultrabug loc. 2 open Fun Run
Blessing Hearts loc 2 categorie, loc. 8 open semi

Horatiu Pop, "the guru", is our cycling specialist with a lot of medals in the mountain bike competitions. He wants to add to them some running medals, which he has already done: second place in his age category at the marathon of the Via Maria Theresia contest, second place in his age category at Rarău Radical Race, as well as 1st place at the Duatlonul Haiducilor, where he teamed with Alina.

Cristian Hăngănuț is our specialist on cross races, but also city marathons. Meticulous in training and consistent in choosing the races he attacks, Cristi is almost always on the podium. His passion for running comes from the family, his father being a veteran runner, a national marathon champion and a 5km march Balkan champion. His record in the Datacor Running Team is:

Faget Winter Race loc 2 open tura scurta
Faget Winter Tour loc 1 tura scurta
Crosul Indragostitilor de alergare loc 3 open
Maratonul Nisipului maraton, loc 2 open, loc 2 categorie
Semimaraton Brasov cros, loc 4 open
Maraton International Cluj cros, loc 4 open
Semimaraton Iasi cros, loc 2 open
Campionatul Național de Alergare Montană
Gabriel Szabo Runfest 10k, loc 8 open
Mures Halfmarathon cros, loc 7 open
Edelweiss Night Run cros, loc 7 open
Brasov Maraton loc. 5 general
Apuseni Cros loc 3 open
Blessing Hearts loc 2 open cros

Cristian Pop is our “one-man-show” runner who can run both short and ultramarathon races. Professor of geography, he especially loves mountain races and explored all the mountains of the country running. That's why he thought about participating this year at the Olympus Marathon in Greece, where he ran 44 km from sea level to 2800 meters and back. His results this year are:

Faget Winter Race semi, loc. 4 categorie
Vlădeasa loc 4 open, loc 3 categorie
Crosul Indragostitilor de alergare loc. 3 open
Aiud Maraton semi, loc. 5 categorie
Maratonul Nisipului semi, loc 3 categorie
Maraton International Cluj maraton loc 18 general
Maraton Brasov finisher
Gabriel Szabo Runfest loc 9 general
Maratonul Macin semi, loc 1 open
Apuseni maraton, loc 4 categorie
Ultrabug loc 5 open 100km
Blessing Hearts loc 4 categorie, loc 8 open semi

Nicolae Bălan, our champion, is an extraordinary sportsman and a worthy model to follow. We do not know what impresses us more: his rigor of training, his sports performance or his modesty. As a firefighter in the ISU BN, Nicu is the Balkan champion and multiple national champion of the MAI at athletics and cross, as well as the national champion with the mountain running team. He started participating in running competitions in 2012 and has not stopped since. His records speak for themselves: in 2016 Nicu participated in 32 competitions and was on the podium in every one of them. We are thrilled that Nicu will be representing Romania in the 2017 World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles. His team contribution this year honors us:

Faget Winter Race loc. 2 open, loc. 1 categorie
Faget Winter Tour loc 1 open
Vlădeasa loc 1 open
Crosul Indragostitilor de alergare loc. 1 open
Aiud Maraton semi, loc 3 open, loc 2 categ.
Maratonul Nisipului loc 3 open, loc 1 categ.
Semimaraton Brasov loc 1 open
Maraton International Cluj loc 1 open, stafeta
Semimaraton Iasi loc 2 open, loc 2 categ.
Campionatul Național de Alergare Montană loc 3 open
Mures Halfmarathon loc 5 open, loc 1 categ.
Campionatul IGSU - Rîmnicu Vîlcea 1500 m loc 1 open, 6000 m loc 1 open
Edelweiss Night Run loc 2 open, loc 1 categ.
Campionatul Național de Duatlon - Cluj Napoca loc 1 open, stafeta mixta
Apuseni maraton, loc 1 general
Ultrabug loc 1 open Fun Run
Blessing Hearts loc 5 open, loc 4 categ, maraton

Cristian Bilegan, started running just ofr participating in Via Maria Theresia, organized by Tibi Uşeriu and the Tasulesa Association (thanks for inspiring so many people). With a little training and some luck, an unexpected 1st place was achieved in the age category of the semimaraton race. He continued with a third place in the Rarău Radical Race age category and an honorable 29 place open at the CiucaşX3 semimaraton. At the moment injured, he hopes to return to the race as quickly as possible. To be continued :).

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